About Harry

Harry is a very special cat who is what’s called a feral cat. Feral cats are cats who have either never spent any time with people or have only spent a little bit of time with them. These cats tend to be afraid of people and usually live on their own outdoors.

Harry lived on his own for a few years. Then he found himself on a corner with a shopping area in a town in North Carolina. He didn’t know why, but he felt there might be something special about this corner. There happened to be a Kitty and Doggie Doctor on the corner (grown-ups refer to a Kitty and Doggie Doctor as a Veterinarian – they take care of animals).

The Kitty and Doggie Doctor and the other kind people who work with him began slowly spending time with Harry to help him be less frightened of people. They also took care of him, making sure he got any medicine that he might need. It took a long time, but Harry slowly began to like being around people – especially the people on this corner! He would get closer and closer to people, and then even allow them to pet him. And as even more time passed, Harry would even come inside some of the different places on the corner and visit with people. But he would still want to go outside from time to time, and be around his other people friends. And though it took a long time, that’s how Harry became the Inside-Outside Cat.

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