Press Release for Harry the Inside-Outside Cat

Press Release for Harry the Inside-Outside Cat

The Adventures of Harry the Inside-Outside Cat released to rave book reviews Author Margaret Segal has released her children’s picture book to readers worldwide with the help of Mindstir Media. The Adventures of Harry the Inside-Outside Cat, a 26-page children’s picture book by Margaret Segal, was recently released by publisher Mindstir Media.

The book centers on Harry, a cat who lives on the corner of a strip shopping center in a busy town, is beloved by virtually every business owner and customer who shops and strolls that corner. He suddenly disappears for three weeks. The community that loves him puts out flyers and phone alerts. When he comes back safe and sound, everyone is happy, but very curious and concerned: where did Harry go? And will he disappear again?

Dana Miller, former elementary school teacher, gave the book five stars and raved: “Sweet, sweet story. Oddly enough, not a huge cat fan, but I could easily get attached to this cute boy. Little ones would love this for Story Time.”

Margaret Segal will donate a portion of the proceeds to help the Jackson Galaxy Foundation. The Jackson Galaxy Foundation, founded by Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, is honored to be a recipient of Meg’s generosity as she promotes the understanding of, and humane care for, feral cats.

The Adventures of Harry the Inside-Outside Cat is available as a paperback book at, and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram. Margaret is available for interviews. Please call Rob Rop at 800-767- 0531 to arrange an interview or send an email to

About author Margaret Segal: Margaret “Meg” Segal has worked in real estate, office administration, retail and freelance writing. She now volunteers with several organizations. She and her wonderful husband Matt met Harry the Inside-Outside Cat a few years ago in a nearby corner in their neighborhood and fell completely in love with him. So she wrote the book about him. The Adventures of Harry the Inside-Outside Cat is Segal’s debut book. To learn more, and to vote on Harry’s next adventure, go to About the book publisher, MindStir Media: MindStir Media LLC is a one-stop shop for authors. Mindstir handles all aspects of book publishing, including illustration, design, editing, printing, distribution and more. To learn more about publishing a book with MindStir Media, visit or call 800- 767-0531.