Meet Harry, the Inside-Outside Cat!

Harry the Inside-Outside Cat lives on the corner of a strip shopping center.

He’s beloved by virtually every business owner and customer who shops and strolls that corner. Then, he disappears for 3 weeks. The community that loves him puts out flyers and phone alerts. When he comes back safe and sound, everyone is happy, but very curious and concerned: where did Harry go? And will he disappear again?

Do you already know the story of Harry? If you do, he needs to hear from you about where he should go next! Vote on Harry's Next Adventure Buy Harry's Book

Cat lovers, check this one out… Sweet tabby cat who steals the hearts of all kinds of folks at a strip mall. Smiles all around! Review – 5 Stars

Good book for your beginner reader… My 6 year old is practicing his reading with this book, and he’s definitely improving. Plus, he loves the story and is now wanting us to get a cat! We’re thinking about it… Review – 4 Stars

‘A portion of the proceeds from this book’s sales will be donated to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, which supports the welfare and well-being of cats around the world.'


Harry the Inside
Outside Cat

Margaret “Meg” Segal has worked in real estate, office administration, retail, and freelance writing.


She now volunteers with several organizations. She and her wonderful husband Matt met Harry the Inside-Outside Cat a few years ago in a nearby corner in their neighborhood and fell completely in love with him. So she wrote a book about him.


Meg and Matt hope you’ll enjoy reading about this very special cat, and how he has become the star of a very special corner in a very special neighborhood in North Carolina.

What’s not to love about Harry? He brightens up a neighborhood, putting smiles on many faces. Everyone on the “special corner” keeps an eye on him to make sure he’s OK. Just a feel-good story we all need these days!

Lisa Torelli – 5 Stars

What a cat! The political scene fades away when you read this story. Harry is just such a welcome breath of sweet, fresh air. My only complaint was the story’s too short, but then at the end, the great reveal that Harry wants to go on another adventure! I vote for him making a new doggie friend… Review – 4 1/2 stars

When’s the next book coming? My daughter Jamie is anxious for Harry’s new book – she loved the first one!

Joanne Kominsky – 4 ½ stars