Harry the Inside-Outside Cat Book Reviews

A sweet book about a very special cat! A delightful story about a feral cat who over time comes to love people and lives on the corner of a strip shopping center, making friends outside and visiting businesses inside. A great bedtime story to read to the littlest ones, for young ones beginning their reading journeys, and for grown-ups who are kids at heart and/or cat lovers. Heartwarming and fun! Review - 4 ½ Stars

My new favorite cat! I lost my cat not too long ago, and reading this storybook was just what I needed to put me in a better frame of mind. The illustration of Harry even reminds me a little bit of my beloved Timmy. Such a cute story, and the “adventure” Harry takes is really clever.

Susan McClain - 5 Stars

It’s storybook time… Our little one loves to be read to, and Harry’s story has become his latest favorite. You can just imagine Harry on his adventure (I won’t say what it is, you’ll have to read the book to find out!), and how all of his fans and admirers are happy when he comes back to the “special corner”. And it sounds as if he’ll be going on another adventure…

Dan and Marilyn Gooding - 5 Stars

Harry’s the toast of his neighborhood! Have never heard of or seen a cat like this, who lives a “double life” – inside and outside! What fun for all the neighbors and customers to visit with him when he’s outside, and then the businesspeople get to invite him inside. I live in North Carolina – maybe I’ll get lucky and meet up with Harry one of these days ;-) Review - 4 Stars

Cute, cute, cute! LOVE this kitty. Imaginative story of this real cat who has worked his way into the hearts of many on a corner in a nice town. You don’t have to be a youngster to enjoy this book – I’m “of a certain age” and I love it, and have recommended it to other “children at heart”.

Doreen Hartzog – 4 Stars

My customers love this book I’m a Vet, and my cat customers and their families really get a kick out of this nice little story about a very unique cat. It’s unusual for cats to live a life both inside and outside, particularly feral cats. Harry surely is something special.

Dr. Dave Jenkins – 5 Stars

Love it! There are lots of cat stories out there, and this one stands out. I’m a kindergarten teacher, and our students really liked it when we read it in class one day. They want to see Harry go on his new adventure.

Mrs. St. Clair – 4 ½ Stars

"Sweet, sweet story. Oddly enough, not a HUGE cat fan, but I could easily get attached to this cute boy. Little ones would love this for Story Time." - 5 stars

Dana Miller, former elementary school teacher

"Adorable. When you read it, it's hard to believe it's based on a real cat. Never heard of a cat loving so many people - most cats really only bond deeply with their immediate family of humans. Cute & fun - would love to see it in hardcover one day for my collection." - 4 1/2 stars

Maria Ortiz

"I've been around cats all my life and I've never heard of a cat who loves being inside and outside like this one does. When you read this story, you really want to meet Harry! Great story to read to a little one, or for early young readers to practice with, AND for grown-up kids to enjoy, too." - 5 stars

Danielle Jones

The illustrations are amazing. I'm a cat lover and feel in love with Harry instantly, his adventures were fun and educational. This is a great book I give it 5 stars and recommend it to readers of all ages, its a fabulous book for story time ...

Monica Kelly